Will I be Strong Enough?

The story of my biggest hero. My grandfather fought and won the hardest war imaginable to me, and protected the people he loved, when he came home from WW II, a changed man.

My grandfather, my hero, Hugh McCall “Mac” Daniel.
“My Darling,” to Mrs. Hugh McCall Daniel, “with all my love, Mac.”
My handsome and brave grandfather, “Mac” Daniel.

“You need to go home.”

“I’m never going home.”

“You’re right. You shouldn’t go back to that place. I know a woman, named Marylee, who is looking for a mother’s helper.”

My grandmother, Ms. Phyllis Vesta Robinson, was an army nurse when she met my grandfather.
After storms.
The author, as a little girl, age three-years-old.
Hugh McCall “Mac” as a baby, before anything bad could happen.

“We need the sheriff.”

“Daddy is sick, and has to go away where he can get better.”

“I’m not safe around you, my Darling. You’re not safe. Mommy is not safe.”

“I love you. I love our child, I know she is mine. I love you so much, I will never hurt you or the girl. I will do whatever it takes to keep you both safe. Whatever it takes.”

“It will never be the same. But your family will be safe.”

“Watch me!”

“Are you my wife? I love you, you know.”

I named my second son after my grandfather, Mac, and he was born with those blue eyes. Photo by Paul Mueller, 1999.

“You’re beautiful. Are you my daughter?”

“No, I’m your granddaughter. Your daughter is my mom.”

“Do you know how to shoot pool? I bet I will beat you at pool, but I will show you my tricks and you can learn how to beat me.”

“No cheating!”

My Grandfather’s gravestone, with my mother’s dog who went straight there and sat down, when visiting.
The author as a baby, with her mother, Marylee.

mediator, painter & mother of four boys

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