Left to my own devices,

late at night,

I would discover I can dance

& sing — and

twirl around, pound the floor with my feet like there are things to kill.

Only, not with my body — just simple words, one & then another.

I love this free-form Medium. Where everything looks beautiful & where

we read these easy, swinging, gorgeous words that

dance, or stand perfectly

still, on white



one after the other. We all know

they were made for us. Just us.

— New friends, that’s what they are.

Tag, you’re it, now.


go &

come back with

another word or two, &

let’s play, as if we have forever, and only each other — running & leaping through

words & the internet

hiding some &

then not






[Directions: Take one line from someone else’s work here in Members Only Medium, and write your own short poem, using that line. Link to and tag that person in the credits like this. I used a line from Carina Sitkus’ poem called Gray, for my title and inspiration. It wasn’t planned. It just started spontaneously like fire. Thanks for the inspiration, Carina! You can see what happens when I am left to my own devices! Now it’s your turn!

Don’t forget to leave a highlight and a note on that person’s writing, where you found the inspiration, so they know that you have tagged them.]

Friends, kind of. Photograph by Emilie Mitcham.

mediator, painter & mother of four boys

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