Thank you for responding, Greg McVerry. The truth is that the vote tallies we are being told, are not accurate nor final. States are still having their state conventions. And California still has (as of today, June 29) enough uncounted provisional votes that Sanders could still win the first round of the California primary. This is not conjecture. This is a simple fact.

If you are interested in watching those vote counts, you can go to this pdf which I pulled today. It is updated regularly, as you can see. The final results for the FIRST ROUND in California need to be submitted for certification by the Secretary of State, by July 8.

One thing I am hoping, is that civility will prevail. I am interested in what good people who are Hillary supporters, will do with the realities of the true results as they emerge more and more.

I recently met with Hillary’s Deputy Political Director, Natalie Montelongo, along with U.S. Representative Ed Perlmutter, and several others. We spoke at some length about the issue of election fraud. This is something that absolutely must be addressed if the Democrats are interested in maintaining the new numbers of people in the Party. We must continue to seriously question why the results are announced before they are final, and what happens to voters, when they perceive the electoral system as being corrupt. Even if the corruption comes in the guise of disorganization and chaos.

There is the matter of both disenfranchisement and the matter of actual fraud. When Hillary announces her win, before everyone has voted, and WEEKS before the California results are actually tallied, this is disenfranchisement at the highest level. It should not be tolerated by Democrats who are actually interested in a REAL and sustainable democracy with Party members who are in the middle of reinvigorating our Party.

If Hillary supporters are only interested in hasty results that show a win for their candidate, they are going to quickly lose a huge number of new Democrats who would otherwise work very hard to help make the Democratic Party, the party of the future.

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