Oh my gosh, thank you so much for writing this. Thank you for being of service to us all, as a United States military person, and thank you for pulling back the curtain inside yourself to share it with us.

No doubt, we all do that when we write (pull back the curtain) but people like you who have these kinds of complex experiences, must be very courageous to let the rest of us see you in writing instead of only in our peripheral and distorted vision — the only ways I believe we ever see anyone with whom we are not intimately close in real life.

To share your thoughts in writing with the world, about topics that matter such as this one, you are doing us all a ANOTHER great service. If I were to say some of these things, it just wouldn’t matter. I have no standing. But your standing as a soldier and as a friend of those who have died for our country, makes this so valuable. And you are brave to do it. And I am very grateful. Thank you.

mediator, painter & mother of four boys

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