There is much more at stake than the risk of “vote shaming.”

simple water color art of mountain silhouette with fire and clouds behind it
“Fire on the Mountain, “ water color by the author

Why Delegates are Voting No on the 2020 Democratic Platform

  • The platform is an aspirational document. It is foolish to start with the incremental solution in a document that is supposed to lay out our highest goals. …

You have more control than you think you do.

The story of my biggest hero. My grandfather fought and won the hardest war imaginable to me, and protected the people he loved, when he came home from WW II, a changed man.

My grandfather, my hero, Hugh McCall “Mac” Daniel.

Sharing a rape survival story helps exorcise the demons. It also reminds me of how survival was a matter of waiting for each day to pass, so that the assault got smaller and smaller in my rearview window.


Art School, Baby

I started art school in the Fall of 1986, in a small mid-western town. I lived in a beige, one-bedroom apartment down the street from the school, with a roommate who had been assigned to me based on first-year housing questionnaires.

A poem that uses (and links to) one other on Medium.

How I discovered my guardian angel and began to trust myself over all others, at the age of sixteen.

The true story of how I lost my virginity & became a hand-me-down girl.

Emilie Mitcham

mediator, painter & mother of four boys

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